Monday, March 6, 2017

Finally Chandra's Quilt is done

I did learn a lot about GIMP, and about Improvising, no, no, Creating something new.
The top was done for Chandra's wedding,  but no where near quilted. Then in Maine my sister Margaret helped me pick out the backing fabric - beautiful Peacocks pick up the colors of the quilt, Turquoise, green, rust, brown and gold - WOW!.  At the reception I circulated and asked people to sign their best wishes on a white piece of cloth. Later  those became part of the back; I placed those signed pieces inside "cartouches" that mimic her original rug.  I wonder if the rug is in the same room as the quilt?  I finished the quilt and Randi Heller of Jubilee Quilting  machine quilted it, and the motif centered itself on the square blocks.

I had to keep it long enough to enter it into the Non-judged portion of the MN Quilter's June 2016 Show in St Cloud.

Then I sent it to Chandra - in time for her first Wedding Anniversary.

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