Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dec 22, 2009

Well I went back to work 12/14.
The Robin Hood vest got done and was work to good effect at the Wonderful Solstice celebration
Sunday Night.
The Chalice wall hanging, all is sewn down except the Hossana Block which represents the flame passing on.
The I think I will do the backing with whatever brown is left - and a frog block in the center.

I used several different techniques.
the roots and island of grey conglomerate - looking like rocks and beach- those I fused down and then did satin stich edging n the machine.
That took one entire afternoon.
The trunk is hand appliqued.
the leaves were all faced and turned, but the lower parts left open.
The major flame was faced and turned but with a layer of batting in it.
then the leaves and flames were stitched together - blind stitch except the top flaps were free
giving a 3-D effect.
I will get a picture in here soon.
Got to go to work - Doctoring that is...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Non-stop quilt piecing.

Picture is of the Green chalice quilt completed
Dec 7, 2009
This is a Monday - the second Monday of my 2 week vacation to stay home and work on Fiber arts! I have vowed to get the Chalice Pulpit hanging done, and the " What can I do with these old teeshirts that meant so much ?" quilt- both done during this time off.

I thought of making the Chalice in 3D but have decided against and tomorrow I will sit down and cut out a new series of trunks, roots, boulder field, green calyx leaves and flames.

I am tempted to try Tulle for a ghost like Oak leaf behind the flame, to symbolize the Green Sanctuary.

But today I got side-tracked and created 9 crazy pieced blocks - they will be a wallhanging
I think it will be Nefertiti's Midnight garden. 6 blocks have a nidus of an Egyptian queen's head - in Profile as they always are, I have had that 10 inch piece in my scrap bag way too long - I just could not give it up, and now it enlivens a whole wallhanging. Can I name the other fabrics?
Well first of all none were purchased for this - it is from the stash. a little green print from the Ross Devor quilt made by my Discovery group. A turquiose leaves and purple grape fabric that I think was purchased for the octopus's Garden quilt. It has a stiff brick red that I may have had since I made the "trip around the world quilt" or maybe not so old- just when I made the red and purple quilt for Margaret - based on a 9 patch with a bump out.
It has a couple of solid purple and a magentas, one was made at a dyeing class..
A tiny purple on violet print for a light, some black with pinpoint gold dots.

This evening I layered the Tee shirt blocks with their backers and batting, but somehow I miscalculated and I'll have to unroll the bat again to cut 2 more pieces. The Ginny Beyers dark green for the sashing looks wonderful.