Sunday, July 5, 2015

Chandra's quilt

Several months ago I told Chandra, my niece that I would make  her a wedding quilt.
We talked about color, she and Adam Ivy  have a rug they really like the colors of. But this photos of the rug  when sent by the internet  distorted the colors somewhat.   So at Nat's memorial she gave me the paint sample chips that match it exactly.
The Rug:

I have used Jinny Beyers  book on color and decided to make a palette, to add the colors in between  which can blend  her color together on a continuum.

 Her colors  were mostly Dark and medium, only one  real light color. I will place the palette here:

I am laying them out on the back side of  a plastic Desk Calendar Holder, the green arrows  show  the paint chips  she sent me.   Then  I was using Gimp  to try to lay out the design.

First two  blocks of the Judy Martin's   " Oregon Trail" block pattern.

I do see a problem, the rug has the deep dark  blue at the background, and I tend to make quilt blocks  with the background  white, and the design dark.  So I have made in Gimp  (by copying and pasting) a layout of the quilt - I think  it will be  7x7 blocks - each block 12 inches  84" square and then some borders.
The taking the math out  book recommends a 96x96 inch comforter for a California King bed,  but right now they have a queen size bed. SO I may add 10 inches  of borders.

This is a 5 block by 5 block rendition, I kept the center squares red, and varied the other things, I want the edges of the quilt to be dark and the center lighter.

Now I need a version with dark blue background.
I am learning a lot  about how to GIMP!

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